Have you or someone you love ever been stuck in life, unable to connect to your sense of passion or purpose?

Introducing A Powerful Three Day Immersive Experience

Generative Coaching and Integrative Learning Level 1   
December 6th - December 8th, 2019, Ann Arbor, MI.
(location sent after registration) 

This workshop invites you to…

  • Discover your passion and purpose through connection.

  • Use tools to discover your hidden resources, strength and intelligence

  • Leverage your resistance to change to create the change you really want

  • Know the exact conditions and circumstances you need to be your best and thrive.

Believe me when I say this is possible, yes, even in just three days.

There are forms of hidden knowledge that when tapped make us purposeful, strong and coherent. Not being aware of this hidden knowledge contributes to feeling lost, anxious, confused and without purpose.

Not being in touch with our deepest purpose is why most people struggle to stay focused on their goals and why students struggle to be engaged in their learning.

While over thirty years of research shows this hidden knowledge is absolutely essential to all forms of learning and success in life, it is entirely ignored within our educational systems. Thus, many people have no idea the vast reservoir of intelligence, strength and purposefulness they already have!!

I have devoted myself to teaching others how to tap into it and this workshop is one way I invite you to learn and grow.

About Your Facilitator


I’m Dr. Melissa Peet, founder of the GKI and until recently, the Director of Integrative Learning and Knowledge Management at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I have created tools and methods that help people and organizations discover the vast reservoir of purpose, strength and intelligence they already possess, but exists outside of their conscious awareness. Several of these methods – Generative Knowledge Dialogue, Generative Coaching, and the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process, are being used to develop integrative and lifelong learners, leaders and change agents in a wide range of fields, disciplines and professions.

My coaching, learning, and assessment methods have been adopted by colleges, universities, and professional schools throughout the US and Europe, educating students in Liberal Arts, Natural and Life Sciences, as well as Business, Public Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Social Work, Engineering, Nursing, and Education schools.

Why I Created This As An Interactive Experience

Individual reflection alone cannot possibly reach this essential knowledge; it lives too deeply within us. We need others to help us retrieve it.

This is not your typical sit and listen workshop, you’re going to engage with others and practice the tools as they are shared with you.


During the workshop I will be teaching from the workbook, sharing from my personal and professional experience. As we cover individual precepts of the training, we’re going to break into small groups to practice communicating with each other.

It’s not unusual for participants to discover amazing new awareness about themselves on day one - for many, it will be one of the first truly connected conversations they’ve ever had with another person.


This Is An Opportunity For Professional Development As Well

In this workshop, you will become effective facilitators of wholeness, change and regeneration as well as a Generative Coach and Leader.

More specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Discover the embodied realm of intelligence that is essential to wholeness and regeneration and yet entirely hidden from view;

  • Learn how to retrieve and share your own and others’ unique hidden sources of purposefulness, strength, coherence and resiliency;

  • Identify patterns of successful instances of change and regeneration hidden within your seemingly disconnected experiences;

  • Learn how to identify the SPECIFIC internal and external conditions that lead yourself and others to thriving and success (as well as stagnation);

  • Practice giving and receiving vital feedback to help others become their highest and best self; and,

  • Ask questions in ways that will help you facilitate wholeness and regeneration in others.

Are You Ready To Join Us For The Next Workshop?

I look forward to meeting you. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than welcoming new people into the community. Watching how everyone comes alive during our time together never gets old!


Our Schedule

Friday, December 6th
Introduction: What Are Embodied Questions?
10am - 5pm

Saturday, December 7th
Finding Patterns Of Hidden Wholeness
9am - 5pm

Sunday, December 8th
Overcoming Resistance To Change
10am - 1pm

Your Registration Includes:

Admission to the Live Workshop
The Generative Knowledge Workbook
One on One Follow Up Consultation With Dr. Melissa Peet


Click Here To Register Now - $325.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any meals provided?
A. Coffee, tea and healthy snacks are provided. There is a fridge for you to bring a lunch.

Q. How many people will be in attendance?
A. The workshops are intimate in nature, you can expect fewer than 20 people this October.

Q. Do you have recommended lodging locations?
A. The following hotel is within 2 miles of our meeting space: Hampton Inn Ann Arbor-North