Developing Integrative and Generative Learnng Environments                       Ann Arbor, MI. October  

This training is for educators, managers and leaders who wish to create integrative, generative and transformative learning environments. Dr. Peet will work with participants to customize the steps and tools of Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process and Generative Knowledge Interviewing so they can be used to help others recognize hidden learnings, connect different types of knowledge to their passions and strengths, and document new knowledge and learning as it is emerging.  Participants will first use the steps of the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process to uncover their own hidden strengths, intelligence and sources of engagement, and then use the Dr. Peet provides to create their own learning experiences.   Participants will:

  • Create custom integrative and generative exercises, activities and materials; and,

  • Learn how to evaluate integrative learning over time and generate data for grants, assessment and accountability purposes. 

Participants will receive:

    • A readiness assessment and planning tools to help identify the norms, expectations and structures needed to create successful integrative and transformative learning environments;

    • Integrative teaching and learning materials: student and educators manuals, ePortfolio templates, sample syllabi, assignments and exercises from varoius disciplines; and, 

    • Authentic and integrative assessment tools that educators and administrators can use to generate compelling evidence of students' learning, integration and success.

    Cost: $800/participant 

    ($250 registration fee, remaining alance due by Oct 1, 2018)

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