Find out more about the GKI founder Melissa Peet, Ph.D.

Creating positive change is something many wish to do, but few can truly put into practice. Melissa Peet is one of the few. With the right tools and methods, she believes everyone can make a difference using their unique gifts or “super powers.”


Dr. Peet is the founder of the GKI and until recently, was the Director of Integrative Learning and Knowledge Management at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

She creates tools and methods that help people and organizations discover the vast reservoir of purpose, strength and intelligence they already possess, but exists outside of their conscious awareness. Several of these methods – Generative Knowledge Dialogue, Generative Coaching, and the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process, are being used to develop integrative and lifelong learners, leaders and change agents in a wide range of fields, disciplines and professions.

Her coaching, learning, and assessment methods have been adopted by colleges, universities, and professional schools throughout the US and Europe, educating students in Liberal Arts, Natural and Life Sciences, as well as Business, Public Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Social Work, Engineering, Nursing, and Education schools.

Dr. Peet also works with non-profit and business organizations to create succession planning and talent management strategies that leverage the vast reservoir of hidden knowledge, skills and intelligence that exists within their employees, clients and communities.


Recent Research Articles

(Dr. Peet's book is forthcoming)

Peet, M. R. (2015). Transformative students’ beliefs: Developing employability skills and generative identities through the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process. Journal of Transformative Learning, 3(2), 15-36.

Peet, M. (2012). Moving from crisis to opportunity: Leadership transitions, tacit knowledge, sharing and organizational generativity. Journal of Knowledge Management, 16(1), 45-60.

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Peet, M. (2009). The integrative knowledge portfolio process: A program guide for educating reflective practitioners and lifelong learners. MedEdPORTAL, Retrieved from: /publication/7892

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