Generative Knowledge Coaching Level 2                      

Ann Arbor, MI. June 7th-9th, 2019 (same location as level 1)     

Detailed Description

Our conscious experience of ourselves often fragments us from our own inner compass. Thus, we feel lost, anxious and confused. During Level One training, participants were introduced to the vast hidden resources they naturally possess but exist well outside of their awareness. During the level two workshop, participants will build on their generative knowledge by:

1.  Learning how to work with your own and others’ resistance and negativity in order to reverse their impact – finding the stuck energy/intelligence inherent within a person’s problem(s) and then using that energy/intelligence to flip them into their strengths;

2. Deepening your ability to facilitate embodied conversations by identifying the specific types of physical sensations, feelings, decisions, actions, etc.. that reflect the subtle dimensions of your own and others’ wholeness;

3.   Using generative coaching methods to engage in data-based “feed forward” processes that prompts people to reveal the essential hidden insights and resources they need in order to make strategic long-term decisions that lead to thriving and sucess; and,

4.   Recognizing how your own unconscious fears and limiting beliefs shape your experience, and how to use the energy embedded within those fears/limiting beliefs to fulfill your purpose.


Cost: $325.00

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