Generative methods are the most potent tool for learning and transformation I’ve ever encountered. They do what nothing else can do - they help people transform their unconscious limiting beliefs by identifying their hidden purpose and superpowers through the use of evidence - hard core data - derived from their own life experiences. It is an extraordinary thing to witness, and an even better thing to experience first hand. We used these methods to increase retention by 40% in a first-generation students, something never even dreamed of before...

Dr. Jeff King, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning, University of Central Oklahoma


When I was initially introduced to GKI’s methods, I called it “brain yoga”, but since completing the Generative Coaching Workshop (Level 1), I now realize it’s so much more… I now see it as a set of exercises that allows me to journey deep into my inner core, shedding the norms (social, cultural, etc.) and education that created a gap between who I truly am, and through conditioning, who I’ve become. After the workshop I re-emerged, rediscovering Me! I admittedly came in pretty charged up, but since then - several weeks later - my momentum has only accelerated, with me re-identifying and being true to myself, things are starting to get SCARY good, I’m excited for the future and can’t wait for level 2.

Kwaku Osei, CEO, Cooperative Capital


Generative Knowledge is the key to my leadership as an Operations Director for a US 500 company. The Generative Coaching skills and Generative knowledge helps me unlock my hidden knowledge, enhance my strengths and embrace positive change within me and around me. When I’m facing personal or career changes, I will use generative knowledge to examine how my inner capacities support the changes I want to make. People who work with me naturally feel comfortable and engaged whenever I do Generative Coaching with them. It allows them to discover their own inner motivation, which in turn, helps them make the changes they need in order to support our entire team….  

Lei Zhang, Operations Director, Borg Warner Turbo Systems

Nydia Cardenas - pic (1).jpg

Learning generative methods as part of my MBA program at the University of Michigan literally changed my life. I gained clarity on my strengths but most importantly, I learned about the specific types of people, places and situations that bring out the best in me. I learned to find other peoples' superpowers too. I’ve applied these methods in all areas of my life: with friends, colleagues, athletes and entrepreneurs, as well as my current role at an AI tech startup. I've coached complete strangers who discovered things about themselves they never knew…

Nydia Cardenas, Investments, CrowdSmart


The first time I learned Generative Knowledge Interviewing, I knew my life would never be the same again. I learned things about myself that totally surprised me. I realized that my shortcomings - the things I really didn’t like about myself  - were all part of my underlying wholeness. I learned I could turn my mistakes into my superpowers; that it was all part of me coming to terms with my purpose

Ronald Conn, Creative Coordinator, Standby Associates


I came to the Generative Coaching workshop thinking there was nothing new I could learn. I was so glad to be wrong. The unpacking is so profound...I've unearthed intelligences and capacities, been introduced  to new yet old methods of listening, been connected to my embodied knowledge and in turn, my wholeness. I’ve come to better understand the contexts in my life that are disabling...and more importantly, the contexts that allow me to thrive...the impact is seismic, affecting me and the people I connect with.

Rhonda Greene, Executive Director, Heritage Works


As the creator of Digication, an ePortfolio platform used by millions of students in over 6,000 K-12 institutions, I have come across many innovative methods for learning and change. At the very cutting edge, GKI pushes the envelope the furthest. It is simple to implement, engaging for participants, and impactful beyond any conventional expectations. In continuing to develop next generation learning tools at Digication, my team and I are constantly incorporating GKI principles at our core. I truly believe we are just scratching the surface of how GKI can help democratize learning for generations to come!

Jeff Yan, Co-founder and CEO, Digication


It is so useful and gratifying for our students to have their peers identify the hidden skills, values and capacities that are evident in their own unconscious experiences -- but never before named. Because it is based on their own data, It changes their view of themselves and what they see themselves as capable of achieving in the world. They are always surprised by what they discover…

Dr. Jessica Bacal, Executive Director of Narratives Project, Smith College

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When our undergraduate student leaders and peer mentors go through the Generative Coaching and Integrative Knowledge Portfolio training each year, it truly transforms their lives, their mentees, and our entire program [the HIspanic Student Success Initiative].  They not only learn how to identify their own hidden sources of passion, motivation and strength, but more importantly, they learn how to be a clear mirrors for each other and their families. It is truly a life-changing experience. They apply these methods directly in their lives and then use them to transform their communities…

Liliana Rentería Mendoza, MA, Director, Oklahoma City Cultural Outreach and Diversity Strategies, University of Central Oklahoma


The Generative Coaching workshop took me back to my work in Central America many years ago when the Catholic Church was focused on liberation theology - an effort to honor the innate knowledge and wisdom of marginalized and oppressed people. Since then, my body and soul have yearned for such a watershed moment here in the United States.  Melissa Peet's Generative Knowledge methodology is just that. It breaks through the pain, fragmentation and isolation many people feel here in the US, helping us to see ourselves and others in totally new ways. And it is only the beginning. I hope and pray others will experience this historical movement.   

Fr. Phil Cooke, SJ, Associate Pastor, Gesu Catholic Church and School

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I am a firm believer that the Generative Knowledge Training is revolutionary and will change the world. I say that because this training 100% changed my life for the better. Going through Level 1 I was able to discover my superpower and I learned about strengths that I didn’t know I had. The training also took my listening skills to the next level, “the unpacking” method along with recognizing patterns allows me to see strengths and coach people on what their superpowers and internal motivation triggers are. Being able to connect with people on a deeper level and helping them understand the power they possess is invaluable. The fact that one can do this with complete strangers who they don’t know shows how powerful this training is. Attending this course was one of the best decisions I could have ever made and I want to encourage you to go on this journey. I’m pumped to continue to learn more Generative Knowledge techniques in level 2 and knows it will bring a lot of value to my life.   

Danny Butler III, Educational Community Liaison, Math 4 Success


At the Zell-Lurie Institute, we used generative methods to fundamentally change the way we hire, onboard, and develop our team. As part of our strategic planning process, these methods helped us to connect more deeply and understand each other at a much more meaningful level.  We uncovered hidden strengths in each other and in the organization as a whole. Transformational is the only word to describe it. I've also used the generative knowledge process with student entrepreneurs for the past four years. We connect with one another immediately, and quickly move into a deep state of understanding about each others’ strengths, values, and goals. It has been a game changer.

Stewart Thornhill, Executive Director, Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurship and Professor of Business Administration, Stephen M Ross School of Business