Generative Knowledge Coaching Level 1                                  

Ann Arbor, MI. March 15-17 (location sent via email after registration)     

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Although deep learning, change and regeneration are significant forces in all of our lives, very few people understand how these processes work or how to support them in ourselves and others.  The problem is that most change and regenerative cycles happen within us unconsciously and automatically, outside of our awareness. They lead to the development of what’s called embodied and generative knowledge. These forms of hidden knowledge make us innately purposeful, strong and coherent, we just don’t know it. Not being aware of this hidden knowledge often contributes to people feeling lost, anxious, confused and without purpose.

Although over thirty years of research shows this hidden knowledge is absolutely essential to all forms of learning and success in life, it is entirely ignored within our educational systems. Thus, most people have no idea the vast reservoir of intelligence, strength and purposefulness they already possess. Individual reflection alone cannot possibly reach this essential knowledge; it lives too deeply within us. We need others to help us retrieve it.

In this course, you will become effective facilitators of wholeness, change and regeneration as well as a certified Generative Coach and Leader. More specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Discover the embodied realm of intelligence that is essential to wholeness and regeneration and yet entirely hidden from view;

  • Learn how to retrieve and share your own and others’ unique hidden sources of purposefulness, strength, coherence and resiliency;

  • Identify patterns of successful instances of change and regeneration hidden within your seemingly disconnected experiences;

  • Learn how to identify the SPECIFIC internal and external conditions that lead yourself and others to thriving and success (as well as stagnation);

  • Practice giving and receiving vital feedback to help others become their highest and best self; and,

  • Ask questions in ways that will help you facilitate wholeness and regeneration in others.

In addition to the 3 day training, participants will receive a 100+ page manual, tools to assess your own and others’ regenerative progress, and two private consultation sessions with Dr. Peet to help you plan and evaluate your next steps as a Generative Coach and Leader.


Cost: $325.00

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